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Anxiety and the Body


Rate Your Anxiety Levels


What is High-Functioning Anxiety?


Coping Skills
My Approach

I view the therapy room as a sacred space. When we meet you can show up exactly as you are and feel accepted and without judgment. The therapeutic relationship is very important and I truly desire to get
to know you, your story, and your goals so I can best support you in making your life better. Especially now when things feel uncertain I look forward to holding space for you to lean into vulnerability and
gain freedom.

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About me

Leah Bunger received two degrees from Indiana University Bloomington (BS in Psychology/MS in Counselor Education). Leah is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed School Counselor in the state of Indiana. Clinically, she has 14 years of experience counseling in K-12 schools, home-based family therapy, and substance use counseling in the university setting. In all her work she uses evidence-based interventions and a holistic perspective. Besides being a therapist Leah is also a wife and mother, a long-time Hoosier fan, and is training a therapy dog named Cash (F2 Goldendoodle) to accompany her in sessions.


"Can time heal you?"

She answered,

"You are the key to your healing, not time.  Hurt, trauma and dense conditioning will continue sitting in your mind, impacting your emotions and behavior, until you go inward.  What heals is self-love, learning to let go, self-awareness and building new habits."

Yung Pueblo

My Specializations

Leah really enjoys working with college students as this is a time of new beginnings and added stressors. These challenging times are a great opportunity to build self-awareness, healthy self-management habits, and positive coping skills for a lifetime. Leah has a relaxed, warm, interactive, and empathetic approach.






Substance Abuse


College Adjustment / Adjustment Disorders



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