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What to Expect

Therapy is a process.  You will not find all the answers after your first session.

Most of the magic happens outside of the therapy room, putting into practice the skills you learned in the session.

Typically clients come weekly at first and then taper off as their symptoms subside.  Your therapist may also have a recommendation of what they think will be most helpful to you but ultimately it is your decision.

Therapy can last a few sessions, months, or years.  The length of time for counseling depends on many factors and your personal preference.


What to Expect

What to Expect

My Approach

As the stigma around mental health issues decreases, people are openly reaching out for help and engaging in therapy services.  Therapy can be helpful in several ways.  Therapy provides a safe environment where clients can reflect, gain awareness, build positive coping skills, and actively take steps to reach goals.  Some clients even reach out proactively knowing they will be facing a stressful event or transition.  

Connection is important and even though we may be surrounded by many people often times we feel lonely or dismissed.  The relationship you have with your therapist is a very rich experience.  A therapist provides space for you to be heard and for you to be present with yourself without distractions.  

First Sessions

First session: Nerves are normal!  You may feel some anxiety in anticipation of the first session and meeting someone new.  Expect to fill out forms if you haven’t done so already electronically.  Your therapist will also go over consent forms.  The first session will be answering questions and sharing your story about what brought you to therapy and the symptoms you are experiencing. You may have an idea of goals you want to work on or you and your therapist will collaborate to come up with a plan.  After the first session take some time to reflect.  Did you feel comfortable, understood, heard? 

I know how important it is to find a therapist that is a good fit.  If you don’t feel comfortable in session it may be that it's not the right fit for you.  You can address this with your therapist as they can also help you get to the right person.  It is a very individualized process.

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